High Top Vans

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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High top vans bring another dimension to van conversions with their raised roofs. Extra space--especially headroom--is always welcome in any van, but especially in those vans used for overnight camping, such as Road Trek vans, and mobility vans in which lots of interior room is needed for equipment. A raised roof adds another 12 inches or so to the interior space, a considerable amount when there is already plenty of headroom in most converted vans.

Headroom and inside space add to the comfort of a short or long ride in van conversions for driver and passengers alike. Unlike conventional passenger cars or vans, van conversions are built for the enjoyment of passengers along the way. The journey itself is intended to be a chance to indulge in the electronics and other technology that are built into converted vans.

High Top Vans and Entertainment

High top vans also allow for certain features to be installed that add to the amenities on board. Dual side storage cabinets can be put into high tops, but not low tops. Video game prep is standard in some high top vans, but there is not enough room in low tops to accommodate this feature.

Many mobility vans have raised roofs because there is a need for as much room as possible to contain all necessary equipment. If a wheelchair user needs assistance inside the van, there is room for another person to stand up and move around. Anyone should keep in mind that an extra 12 inches might make it impossible to park in some parking garages or use some of the drive-thrus in fast food places.

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