Mini Vans With Lifts

Written by Norene Anderson
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Mini vans with lifts can offer the option of a seat lift or a lift for wheelchair occupancy. The seat lift is designed to function the same as a passenger seat. It extends out 20 inches and declines six inches for ease of transfer from a wheelchair to the seat. It is then retracted into the van and it becomes the passenger seat. This makes it easy for individuals with some mobility to enter and exit a van. Individuals using walkers may be prime users of this type of lift.

Mini vans with lifts are designed to transport wheelchairs with occupant aboard. There are several choices of lift styles. One model folds up inside the van. Another model lowers and turns sideways. Still another model is designed to be stored underneath the vehicle. Make sure the lift is designed to be operated automatically with a backup system. It is always possible to encounter a power failure.

Consider Mini Vans with Lifts

The rear entry is the most practical for mini vans with lifts. Using the lift does not require extra room on the side of the van for parking. The rear entry and exit allows the van to be parked in a regular parking space. Once the wheelchair is off the lift, the lift can be returned to storage inside the van or underneath, depending on the design.

Mobility is made possible for anyone mildly or severely disabled. Outside exposure is great for everyone, particularly for those with limited movement. Many of the disabled now have the ability to drive thanks to the technology advancements offering voice control, digital control, and hand control for major functions of the vehicle.

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