Mini Vans With Wheel Chair Lifts

Written by Norene Anderson
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Mini vans with wheel chair lifts offer an opportunity for the most physically challenged individual to travel, shop, or go to work. Wheel chair lifts are made in different designs. Platform lifts are very popular due to the strength of the lift and the feasibility for limited budgets. A split-platform lift folds out of the way with just a push of a button.

Another affordable wheelchair lift for vans is a lightweight platform lift. It offers the convenience of a lift with construction designed to hold up to 600 pounds. The lift includes a sliding door operator and an internal swing door operator. Automatic systems for mini vans with wheel chair lifts include a manual backup for safety.

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Some mini vans with wheel chair lifts need to accommodate larger wheelchairs and scooters. For these, a lift designed to fit a 51-inch platform is available. A folding platform design will leave the doorway free of obstruction. A lowered floor in the minivan is required to provide adequate headroom for the wheelchair occupant and the lift.

Shopping for a minivan specifically equipped with wheelchair lifts can be overwhelming. The decision will be made easier if you have the opportunity to rent a van for testing. The best way to know what works for you is to try it. Many companies will rent vehicles by the day, week, or month. This will afford you the best way to make the right decision when purchasing a conversion van designed for your need.

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