Mobility Equipment

Written by Norene Anderson
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Mobility equipment covers a wide range, making it possible for those confined to a wheelchair to enjoy the same freedom and access to travel as anyone else. Indeed, you can purchase cars designed for handicapped people to be able to drive them. Hand controls for the brakes and accelerator are conveniently located for access. The use of a special joystick combines steering, braking, and accelerating into a single control.

Mobility equipment adjustments for standard vehicle maneuverability also include a lever type control. Sometimes additional adjustments must be made if the driver has limited strength for gripping. Another aspect of control is with a digital steering process. Technology is continually advancing to make it possible for more people to enjoy freedom never before experienced.

Mobility Equipment Choices

Mobility equipment is available in all kinds of avenues. The best known are electric scooters and power wheelchairs. Transporting family members or patients confined to a wheelchair can sometimes be a difficult task. If the individual is unable to transfer without assistance, the options are more limited. It is extremely difficult to move an individual from a wheelchair to the inside of a car or van. The design of the conversion van makes it unnecessary for any transfer.

Entry or exit from a handicapped conversion van can be as simple as touching a remote control. The doors will open and the lift or ramp will go into place. Vacations can be enjoyable and relaxing with all the conveniences of the equipment for mobility. This equipment can be rented or purchased. Full size and mini vans adapted for use by the handicapped can be rented or purchased. There is a customized option available for any level of need.

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