Mobility Equipment Dealers

Written by Norene Anderson
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Mobility equipment dealers are continually expanding the options for addressing the needs of the physically challenged. Some of the latest designs are aimed at lowering the cost of the conversion by utilizing as much of the original equipment as possible. This is accomplished by routing the lowered flooring to one side leaving the gas tank in its original position. Different vehicles are routed according to original structure.

The more of the original configuration that can be retained, the better the price will be. Some vans utilize second row seating for the space to house the in-floor ramp. Lowering the flooring is essential to providing adequate headroom for maneuvering the wheelchair. This is crucial if the wheelchair is not powered and someone must assist with entry and exit.

Mobility Equipment Dealers Information

A transfer seat is something mobility equipment dealers offer as an option. Comfort and security are paramount in the design of a transfer system. This requires a rotating seat that can swing as far as 140 degrees for ease of transfer from a wheelchair. One way this is accomplished is with the addition of a base that attaches to the floor. The original driver seat is mounted onto the base. Power adjustments and controls make it ease to maneuver the seat to the proper position.

Many mobility equipment dealers offer rebates for vehicle modification. These rebates are designed to assist in the purchase of adaptive equipment. Many dealers offer as much as $1,000 or more off the cost of installing and modifying equipment. Many lending institutions offer special packages for qualified individuals purchasing a vehicle for special needs.

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