Mobility Vans

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Mobility vans perform the invaluable service of permitting the disabled, or those with reduced mobility, to provide their own transportation to work or to shop. Adaptive equipment is installed during the van conversion, or, if a currently-owned van is to be converted, using aftermarket equipment. In any case, people in need of mobility vans have quite a few options today, in contrast to just a few years ago.

Several minivans are available that have many adaptive features and are known for their reliability: the Braun Entervan, VMI Summit/Northstar, Ricon Activan. Full-size vans can be converted for use by the disabled, with installation of the required devices. Wheelchair lifts and power ramps/doors/liftgates are some of the more frequent equipment that makes life easier for drivers with limited mobility.

Mobility Vans and Braun Devices

One of the most well-known companies in the field of special needs equipment is the Braun Corporation. If a person in a wheelchair does not need or want a van, Braun has a Chair Topper that easily stores the chair on top of a car in a weather-tight, fiberglass compartment. When it is activated, the Chair Topper does all the work; it lifts the wheelchair, folds it with a retractable lift, and stores it.

The Companion Seat is a handy piece of equipment for mobility vans for those who have difficulty lowering themselves to, or rising from, a seated position. A power base on the seat pivots the seat 90 degrees, and a hydraulic lift extends the seat beyond the door of the van. A person can then enter and exit custom vans with very little effort.

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