New Conversion Vans

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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New conversion vans come out every year with more and better features for a customer to choose from. These luxury vans get more luxurious, yet remain good values compared to luxury cars and SUVs, which usually cost more, have a lower resale value--and a lot less room. New conversion vans typically come with more than one set of feature packages, so the shopper can get exactly what is wanted.

Standard features on a new van might include interior items, such as high gloss wood finish, a manual bi-fold sofa, a dash cluster with drink/tray trim, and window ledges with dual drink holders, ashtrays, headphone jacks, and switches. Exterior items might include enhanced graphics, roof rack, 16-inch metal wheels with a chrome center cap, and custom-painted running boards. Fiberglass insulation, an easy-access fuse panel, and an auxiliary, 12-volt power outlet add to the practical features of a standard package.

Options for New Conversion Vans

Even though these features may seem more than luxurious, van conversion companies offer more to those customers who want all available comforts. Beyond the standard features, vans can be outfitted with a DVD player, a high definition, flat panel TV, Blaupunkt speaker upgrades, and PlayStation 2 game stations. That's just the entertainment section!

For passenger comfort, glove leather seating is available, along with sofa armrests and headrests, contoured seating, power passenger seats, and indirect lighting. Exterior additions include a front spoiler with projector fog lights, polished aluminum Mag wheels, and raised white letter tires. If a customer has seen it or wants it, chances are new conversion vans can have it installed.

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