Performance Trucks

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Performance trucks are immensely popular in America because they are the ultimate can-do vehicles. Some guys tow their fishing boats on the weekend while others use their heavy duty trucks every day on the jobsite. No matter what your interests are, you can probably do a lot more with a truck than any car.

Performance trucks range from road-burners like the Ford F-150 Lightning, Dodge Ram SRT-10, and Chevy Silverado SS to Baja-ready off road performance trucks to heavy duty trucks built for towing and work applications. You've probably noticed that performance trucks are some of the best looking, most impressive vehicles on the road due to their imposing dimensions and big V-8 and even V-10 engines.

Power For The People

Many performance truck owners personalize their vehicles by making their engines more powerful or enhancing the physical appearance of their vehicles. Owners can install performance chips, programmers, or microtuners for diesel and gas-powered trucks, in addition to exhaust systems and other engine enhancements. Truck owners always want their vehicle to be up to the task, whether they are towing boats, going off-road, or pulling smaller vehicles out of trouble.

Performance Trucks For Work and Play

The Ford Super Duty series, Chevy and GMC HD trucks, and Dodge Ram trucks used to be workhorses that were usually found in demanding commercial situations. Now they can handle more jobsite abuse than ever, but are also available with interior features and refinements equal to luxury sedans. Now performance trucks are status symbols in neighborhoods everywhere, particularly among active families.

If you are thinking about performance trucks for your next vehicle, you will have many great choices. Trucks with turbodiesel V-8 engines are best for towing, because they have tremendous power and torque. Such trucks are usually in the heavy duty or over half-ton category.

Recent progress in diesel engines and transmission technology has made the power and enhanced fuel efficiency of diesel available to a wider public. Now diesel engines are almost as smooth as their gas counterparts. Diesel-equipped performance trucks are up to almost any challenge you throw their way.

Performance Trucks Get You Into New Territory

Many people use their trucks to go off-road, whether they're going camping, fishing, four-wheeling, or working in a remote location. Now performance trucks are able to pound through rough terrain, then drive smoothly on the highway. No other vehicles can do so much, so well.

All the abilities of performance trucks have earned them a place in the driveways of many people. Now truck owners are looking for ways to make their vehicle separate from the pack. Browse the Internet and you'll find a whole world of accessories made specifically for your truck.

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