Pleasure Way Vans

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Pleasure Way vans are Class B motorhomes manufactured in Canada by a family-owned business that started up in 1986. It has been so successful that it is now the second-largest Class B motorhome producer in North America. These van motorhomes have all the amenities of home carefully integrated into these travel vans.

Sometimes called camper vans, Class B motorhomes are famous for their efficient use of space to provide travelers and families every convenience while on the road. Safety and comfort are uppermost for this company when converting standard vans into well-designed luxury vans. Pleasure Way vans are made with eye appeal in mind, and their interior and exterior color schemes put the final beautiful touches to a well-constructed van.

Pleasure Way Vans Are a Traveling Home

These attractive vans are built on a fully-completed, Chrysler B3500 maxi van chassis. The body is eliminated, and the chassis becomes the foundation for an entirely different van. In contrast to the squared-off interiors of Class A and C motorhomes, these Pleasure Way vans have curved walls to allow for more space. All interior furnishings must be handcrafted to ensure a custom fit and noise-free travel on the road.

Models include the Ford Excel and the Chevy Lexor. Basic differences are the result of widening the Excel by six inches to accommodate a private bathroom and a 78-inch-long rear sleeping area. The Lexor is standard width, and so must compromise somewhat on bathroom arrangements. There is a flexible bathroom with a stand-up, aisle shower, and a 72-inch-long sleeping space.

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