Prices For New Conversion Vans

Written by Norene Anderson
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Prices for new conversion vans vary greatly. It all depends on the cost of the van before adaptive equipment is installed. A van with tilt steering, power windows, CD player, leather, power locks, and rear heat and air conditioning may cost as much as $42,000 with added adaptive equipment of a lowered floor, automatic doors, and a ramp.

Another van with the same basic options and adaptive equipment without the leather interior can be bought for less than $35,000. Prices for new conversion vans can be $48,000 or more for an eight-cylinder engine, rear heat and air conditioning, CD player, tilt steering, power package, and cruise. The adaptive equipment includes raised doors, a lift, and lowered flooring.

Find Prices for New Conversion Vans Online

Any time power seats, leather interior, and an eight-cylinder engine are added to the package, the price increases considerably. The cost of conversion can be $14,000 or more, depending on the type of conversion. This price is added to the basic cost of the van. It may include lowering the side door and flooring to accommodate a ramp or lift. It will include a new gas tank mount and exhaust system. Many other changes must be made to accommodate the conversion.

The best way to compare prices for new conversion vans is to go online. There are several reputable places to locate conversion vans. There are not as many new conversion vans on the market as there are used vans. Most companies do not do a conversion until a specific order is received.

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