Road Trek Vans

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Road Trek vans have been the #1 selling camper vans since 1990. Although classified as a Class B motorhome, these camper vans are considerably smaller than the large Class A motorhomes you can't help but notice as they roll down the highway. Road Trek vans have all the amenities of home--kitchen, bathroom, change room, living room, bedroom--but in an easy-to-drive-and-park vehicle.

The 30- and 40-foot Class A motorhomes have more space, but they are also difficult to maneuver, park, and back up. In fact, some are so awkward, you simply don't back them up. They are so large that highway restrictions apply in some states, and some campgrounds do not take the larger motorhomes at all. On the other hand, Road Trek offers the ease of operation of a van, but with all the necessities to make a trip comfortable and enjoyable.

Road Trek Vans Are Top Quality

These vans can go anywhere! They have a low center of gravity, and the lowered floor permits a low-profile roof to avoid nasty encounters with trees. Traffic congestion is not a problem, nor is parking in normal-size spaces in supermarket parking lots. Until you step inside one of these innovative Road Trek vans, you can't believe that all the comforts of home can possibly be an integral part of a camper vehicle.

Excellent towing performance, gas mileage, and weight distribution make these van campers safe and economical. These Chevy conversion vans start out being standard or widebody vans that have various items removed--such as the fuel tank--to accommodate the Road Trek modifications. The careful transformation to a quality Road Trek product proceeds with the installation of a one-piece fiberglass body and floor and the adaptation of the chassis to the Road Trek design.

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