Scooter Accessible Mini Vans

Written by Norene Anderson
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Scooter accessible mini vans are available for rental or purchase. If you need the assistance of a scooter to go shopping or for a fun trip to the zoo, there is no need to miss the excursion. A variety of designs offers lifts and storage for your scooter. If you do not need the extensive conversion of lowering the floor for scooter or wheelchair accommodation, you can find interior and exterior mounted lifts.

These lifts make scooter accessible mini vans an easy way to go when and where you desire. The lift is powerful enough to handle up to 350 pounds with remote control ease. The action is effortless and the style will blend with the interior of your minivan. A universal design will fit most minivans on the market. Side and rear entry mounting is possible with most scooter lifts.

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Some of the scooter accessible mini vans are manual control versions with push-button control. Safety features include adjustable locking for ease of control. With all the options to consider, it is important to determine the best location for the lift and the specifications for weight limit. If a lightweight unit will meet the need, the price will be less.

External mounted lifts for scooter transport are weatherproof. Exposure will not harm any of the components on the lift. The scooter is safely secured during transport. Many lifts are eligible for rebates from the vehicle manufacturer under the mobility programs that most major companies offer. Be sure to ask your dealer about rebate incentives or any other option for reducing the cost.

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This is a new kind of system

This is a new kind of system which is making scooters accessible as vans.I think we need some new features like this in our daily life.
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