Scooter Lift Vans

Written by Norene Anderson
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Scooter lift vans have all the features needed to facilitate the mobility and independence of the physically challenged. If you need the assistance of a scooter to make it to the market or a big family reunion, you will find the use of a scooter lift to come in very handy. It allows you to easily dock and load your scooter. Power controls offer effortless maneuvering of the lift into the van for transport.

Conversions to add scooter lifts can be done on most vans. Full size vans or minivans can be adapted. It is important to check with the manufacturer of the lift or the company that will do the conversion before buying a van. Some things that need to be taken into consideration before deciding on the van include the size of the occupant. It must be determined if there will be enough headroom without raising the roof or lowering the floor.

Options for Scooter Lift Vans

Some scooter lift vans have storage underneath the van. Other lifts fold up inside the van. The adaptation for the lift will need to include extra space if more than one individual will be utilizing it. This will be an important factor in the type of modification needed to facilitate the unit. There must be enough tie downs to secure the scooter or scooters from movement during travel.

A handicapped scooter has everything needed to make mobility happen. Front grip brakes allow control without needing the strength in the lower limbs. Recharge time for most batteries is from three to six hours, depending on the model. Scooters are available with three or four wheels. Before checking out scooter lift vans, make sure you know the type of scooter you have or plan to buy.

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