Scooter Vans

Written by Norene Anderson
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Scooter vans can allow an unoccupied scooter to be loaded into many of the minivans and SUVs. The availability of power application makes it possible to load and unload. There are many individuals needing assistance for going long distances such as shopping or to a picnic. In this case, it is not necessary to be able to lift an occupied scooter into the van. All that is needed is the lift for transport.

In order to accommodate the scooter occupant as the driver, the lift will need to be installed on the driver side sliding door. This places it close enough to the occupant that it is easy transfer from the scooter to the seat or vice versa. If immediate occupancy is not required, scooter vans may have a trailer hitch mounted lift. This locates the scooter outside the van and leaves the interior of the van intact.

Information about Scooter Vans

When considering the purchase of scooter vans, make sure the model you choose is a viable model for adapting to scooter use. Always check with a specialist in mobility equipment before buying a van. Weight distribution for the equipment can be a problem for some vans. It may require some repositioning of standard framing to meet the need for balance and stability.

A scooter docking station is available for scooter vans. This is an automatic docking system designed to secure the scooter for transport after the occupant has transferred to the van seat. Many aids are available to help in transferring within the van. Handles for grabbing and assisting can be placed at strategic places in the van.

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