Star Craft Conversion Vans

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Star Craft conversion vans were the first luxury, customized van conversions in the industry. Produced in 1977, these original vans have become a major industry that involves many other companies today. Star Craft has been in existence since 1903, and in the intervening years, the company has branched out into many areas: farm equipment, boats, recreational vehicles (RVs), van conversions, and special needs equipment.

Star Craft has diversified throughout the century it has been in business, and its current focus is on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplies and vehicle parts. In recent years, the company decided to sell its Star Craft conversion vans division, although the vans will continue to be manufactured under that name by the new owner, Centurion Vehicles. Because Star Craft set the standard for luxury vans, their quality and excellence will be carried on in its name.

Mobility Star Craft Conversion Vans

The Star Craft name is especially valued by the disabled who purchase the company's mobility vans. Star Craft uses a Ford chassis for several reasons. The interior size of a Ford van has a lot of room for a wheelchair to maneuver, and allows for the installation of necessary equipment without eliminating room for other passengers and cargo.

The Star Craft process for lowering the floor to accommodate those in wheelchairs is the industry's only process that is certified in crash tests. The floor is flat, with no obstructions to impede a wheelchair from the sofa bed in the rear to the dashboard in front. These Star Craft conversion vans have 51 inches of overhead clearance--more than any other vehicle that is equipped for the disabled. Raised seats add to the safety features, and they give the driver with reduced mobility a much better view of the road.

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