Superchips Max Microtuners

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Superchips Max microtuners are a perfect way to increase power and have a view into the diagnostic data for your car's engine. Trucks are so popular because they are so versatile. Owners of big trucks usually use their vehicles for challenging tasks and as their everyday transportation. Microtuners and programmers allow you to optimize the engine performance of your truck for any activity you throw at it.

Superchips Max microtuners are much easier to use than you might imagine. The solidly-built control pad has large buttons that allow you to select programs that increase horsepower up to 10 percent and torque up to 13 percent! You can also limit your top speed, limit your revs, and calibrate your engine for changes in tire size and gear ratio. Results for diesel engines are substantially higher!

Superchips Max Microtuners' Features

All this flexibility makes Superchips Max microtuners perfect for highly tuned performance trucks, trucks that will be towing big boats and campers, and off road warriors. Microtuners enable you to raise and lower the rev limiter, modify the electric cooling fan on/off times, and troubleshoot your engine's performance. On diesel trucks and SUVs, you can correct the speedometer for gear ratio and tire changes.

More and more people use their trucks and SUVs to tow a boat on the weekend, haul heavy loads for work, or organize family activities. Such a range of possibilities is what makes people choose trucks over other vehicles. All these tricks test your truck's engine in different ways, so Superchips Max microtuners make great sense for most truck owners.

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