Superchips Microtuners

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Superchips microtuners are able to specifically tune your vehicle's engine computer for maximum performance, whether you tow heavy trailers, haul big loads, or just need a little extra passing power. Everybody could use a little extra power--it just feels good to know you can do anything you need to do in your truck. Microtuners are great for truck owners because they can switch settings based on what you're doing with your truck.

I thought that having a programmable tuner might be a pain in the neck, always having to modify its settings. I sure was wrong. Superchips microtuners are really easy to use, even if you're used to turning bolts, not punching keys. I also saw a significant increase (over 10 percent) in horsepower and an even bigger torque surge made accelerating with a heavy boat an effortless blast.

Superchips Microtuners: Power in the Palm of Your Hand

Big diesel engines can be stump-pulling monsters or long-distance boat towing champs. You might just do a little bit of everything with your big pickup. Superchips microtuners are the right solution if you want an increase in power for your truck's different jobs at work and play.

Superchips microtuners are not just easy to install, they're also easy to find. Look for a microtuner for your truck on a truck parts and accessories website. Some websites are devoted to one make or line of trucks, like Ford's Super Duty range of hard working pickups.

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