Superchips Programmers

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Superchips programmers release the maximum performance capabilities of your car or truck. Whether you need a little more power for hauling, towing, or fun, programmers will give you that extra boost you're looking for. You probably aren't afraid to get your hands dirty and work on your truck's engine, but the most effective upgrade may be the chip that controls your motor.

Superchips Programmers for Diesel

Diesel motors have changed a lot in the past few years. It used to be that only big dudes drove big, smoke-belching, torquey diesel trucks. Chips for these engines were just not available--now all that has changed. Superchips programmers plug into your diesel truck and will give you horsepower boosts well over 10 percent and torque boosts of 15 percent or more. Programmers actually increase power more on diesel motors than gas.

Superchips programmers are available for even Super Duty diesel motors, and they can help you unleash the performance potential of your truck. Whether you tow big loads every day on the job or haul a boat on the weekend--or both--Superchips programmers are an easy way to give your truck even more stump-pulling power. Your boat or RV trailer will seem like child's play.

So prepare to humiliate other guys towing their boats when you blow past them even on uphill inclines. Superchips programmers can be found online at numerous websites devoted to performance truck parts, but you'll want to find a site devoted specifically to your truck if you can.

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