Travel Vans

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Travel vans, or luxury vans, are a great way for families, teams, or other groups to travel in comfort. Whether the trip is to a family celebration, a game in the next town, or an outing by a church group, van conversions will get the group there in style. With great entertainment electronics, posh seating, and lavish furnishings, these travel vans make journeys enjoyable.

These custom-built vans use a Chevy, Ford, General Motors, or Dodge chassis as the basis for constructing an entirely new passenger van. What was once a stock cargo van will be transformed into a van designed to carry passengers in luxury. Not only that, but these converted vans are excellent at towing other vehicles or boats because of their power and stability.

Multi-Featured Travel Vans

For those who need or want more headroom, travel vans come in high-top vans that accommodate them. Travelers who want to use their vans for overnight camping can find efficient, maneuverable Class B motor homes. Also called camper vans, these vehicles are intended for overnight use, as they contain fully-outfitted kitchens and bathrooms.

Mobility vans are readily found for those with reduced mobility who want to be able to transport themselves to appointments, shopping malls, and to travel destinations. This specialty line of vans is available from several dealers and companies and can be explored online. Whatever the reason for using a travel van, passengers should find the trip pleasurable because every feature is designed for their enjoyment.

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