Used Handicap Vans

Written by Sierra Rein
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Many persons with disabilities are in search of reliable and cost-effective used handicap vans. Because most of those bound to wheelchairs are usually on a fixed or limited income, it is essential that they find properly equipped vehicles which will not break the bank. Parents who are either disabled themselves or responsible for their disabled child rely on used accessible vans to successfully and safely transport themselves and their kids to work and school.

Most previously owned and used handicap vans can be reconditioned and brought back to almost brand-new status. Older model vans can be installed with the newest power-lift, wheel controls and gas/brake line technology. Many used van companies accept trade-ins and competitive financing options for those who need to control their personal monthly budget.

It is important for each individual to make sure the used handicap vans they look at fit their personal requirements. Write down all the pertinent information you think is necessary regarding the purpose of the vehicle, the dimensions of the wheelchair itself, any passenger seats to install, and how the individual will be able to control the vehicle. With this information, a used dealer will be able to narrow down his inventory to the best options available.

How to Choose From Used Handicap Vans

Reconditioned and adapted handicap vehicles must pass certain safety guidelines, especially those stated in the US Federal Motor Safety Standards list. Make sure that whatever van you look at comes with a good warranty and a guarantee regarding all safety requirements and equipment. If you have any concerns regarding a specific brand or style of used handicap van, contact the manufacturer for more information and ask them if they can custom-design any models to fit your specific needs.

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