Used Handicap Vehicles

Written by Sierra Rein
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Persons with disabilities will often turn to auto dealers of used handicap vehicles for low-cost transportation options. Used accessible vans and cars can be as reliable and as luxurious as new ones. And, with many auto companies offering full warranties, purchasing used is almost like purchasing new.

There are several options when considering how to choose from the many used handicap vehicles on the market. If a full package is what you are looking for, you may wish to buy a relatively new model. It will be more likely to be equipped with the latest powered lift and driver's seat technologies.

However, it is also possible to purchase reconditioned older models from a custom vehicle shop. The shell, doors and engine of the car can be refurbished with new carpets, powered seats, remote controlled lifts and ramps, and up-to-date steering controls. This option can be extremely cost-effective to those who want to get a good deal on used handicapped vehicles.

Finding Financial Help for Used Handicap Vehicles

Certain persons with disabilities, such as veterans and financially dependent children, can benefit from finding aid resources within their communities. These include state and city health departments, insurance companies, and rehabilitation programs. Reimbursement plans can also be found through auto manufacturers if you plan on modifying a vehicle for the handicap use.

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