Used Handicapped Van Information

Written by Sierra Rein
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Anyone interested in purchasing or leasing a previously-owned handicap car needs to arm him or herself with the best used handicapped van information. Because the market for handicap accessible vehicles is relatively small compared to the majority of other vehicle types, only a small percentage of new cars and vans are produced and designed with the comfort and convenience of the physically disabled in mind. However, it is easy to find the best used handicapped van information if the right research is done.

The first steps to find used handicapped van information is to assess your needs as a physically handicapped individual. A trip to a professional assessment officer can help to inform you as to what specific needs you have to fulfill in order to purchase any new or used handicapped van. This assessment officer can tell you the exact capabilities you have regarding limb mobility and cognitive ability, the types of adaptive devices that will help you function as a driver, and whether you will need any special driver's education with the new equipment.

It is important to know this information in complete detail before shopping for a used handicapped van. Never go against these recommendations or decide to go shopping without this important information. Purchasing improper equipment or attempting to drive without proper training is dangerous and can lead to accidents, the suspension of one's license and possible deaths.

Selecting the Right Vehicle With Used Handicapped Van Information

Because many older handicap van models (especially those from the 80s) do not meet today's safety standards, it is important to make sure the vans you look at are mechanically and technologically sound. You can usually do so by shopping at a qualified dealer who has the certification, specialization, and experience in dealing with modified used wheelchair vans. Make sure they are a part of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) or any other organization with high standards regarding used or converted vans.

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