Used Handicapped Vans

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Used handicapped vans are a good value, especially considering that new, outfitted mobility vans can run $20,000 to $80,000. Often, people with handicaps have reduced or non-existent income, and bargains for adaptive devices are welcome. Used handicapped vans might make the difference between being confined to the house, or being able to drive and maintain some independence.

Of course, used vehicles of any type need to be checked out carefully to make sure that worn parts have been replaced, and major parts, such as the drive train and engine, are in good condition. Warranties are especially important, particularly to someone on a budget, because they cover parts and/or labor if any item needs repair. Manufacturers' warranties might still be in effect if the van is relatively new.

Used Handicapped Vans Must Be a Match

The tricky part about disabled people purchasing used handicapped vans is making a reasonable match between the disabilities and the adaptive equipment. If, for instance, a person with reduced mobility does not use a wheelchair, custom vans with power lifts are not only useless, but the lifts consume valuable space. The disabled would do well to obtain the services of a driver rehabilitation specialist for an evaluation.

These specialists can be found by consulting state rehabilitation agencies and organizations that advocate for the disabled. The assessment performed by a specialist determines the physical and mental capabilities of the disabled. The specialist then recommends adaptive equipment that is helpful and necessary for safe driving.

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