Used Wheelchair Lift Vans

Written by Sierra Rein
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For many people with disabilities, used wheelchair lift vans are their only method of transportation from their home to work and any social venues. Unfortunately, most individuals who are either born disabled or who become handicapped struggle with financial concerns. Because of this, many wheelchair-bound people choose to purchase and drive reliable used lift vans instead of new ones.

Most used wheelchair lift vans are built to handle a variety of different sizes, shapes and styles of wheelchairs. Special vans need to be purchased for wheelchairs and their occupants weighing 600 pounds or more. If these are not readily available, other options can be made to be able to handle any extra weight.

When choosing between used wheelchair lift vans, make sure you choose a lift option that fits your needs. Some lifts are meant to raise both chairs and their occupants into the van. Others are simply aids for elderly or mildly disabled people to lift and store chairs into the back of the vans for safekeeping while they drive.

Used Wheelchair Lift Vans for Business Use

Many companies who employ or do business with disabled people purchase used lift vans to save money. This is a great option for schools, hospitals, and airports as well as single individuals. When speaking with a used wheelchair van dealer, make sure you explain to him the purpose of the van and any other special options that need to be considered.

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