Van Conversion Companies

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Van conversion companies manufacture vans built for the comfort of passengers on short or long trips. These luxury vans are filled with creature comforts that would delight any child or adult anticipating being on the road for a trek to the local store, or a freeway jaunt to a neighboring state. These vans are intended to entertain and pamper passengers within a safe framework whose foundation is a reliable chassis from the best van companies.

Star Craft is a premier van conversion company that has been producing machinery for various industries since 1903. When the company introduced its first van conversions in 1977, it was just one of many diversifications the company would undertake over the years. The fledgling business started a trend toward luxurious vans that today is a worldwide industry.

Van Conversion Companies and Mobility Vans

Regency is another of the outstanding van conversion companies that make a variety of models and styles of luxury vans. Explorer is yet another whose reputation was built on manufacturing high-quality conversion vans. Road Trek and Pleasure Way make Class B motor home camper vans that are the best-selling camper vans in North America.

Star Craft also has a specialty line--mobility vans. These are converted vans custom-made for the disabled, with all kinds of adaptive devices intended to permit the disabled to drive and provide their own transportation. Paul Sherry's factory outlet also has mobility vans with Braun products installed by Braun technicians. Other van conversion companies that manufacture quality mobility vans can be found online in websites that give informative details about the features in these vans.

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