Van Grill Guards

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Van grill guards, like van running boards, serve at least a couple of good purposes. In van conversions, tricked-out vans are valued for their customized appearance, and grill guards add to the look of strength. Just as the grill and front features on the Dodge Ram truck were changed to project a more dominating aspect, van grill guards are often added for the same reason.

The grill guards themselves attach below the stock grill and can be used alone or in conjunction with brush guards and cruiser bars. In other words, the package is modular, so the three sections separate, but act as a unit to protect the entire front end of the van. The brush guards fit over the headlights, and the cruiser bar fits above the van grill for a stylish appearance.

Van Grill Guards Provide Protection

Because these conversion van accessories come apart, they cut down on storage space. It would be awkward to try to store a rigid grill guard set; it certainly would take up undue space inside the van. Some van grill guards have a built-in step that permits easy access to the areas under the hood, but the separation of the three pieces also makes it easier to replace a damaged part. If the brush guard over one of the headlights is scratched or dented, the brush guards only need to be replaced, not the entire grill guard package.

Comparable to the engine guards that are used on motorcycles, these grill guards primarily protect the vulnerable engine and front end of a van in case of an accident. Better to dent a cruiser bar than sustain damage to any part under the hood. With this package, the owner gets a finished look and insurance against mishaps.

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