Van Running Boards

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Van running boards add a classy touch to the look of van conversions, but they also serve a practical purpose that makes them safer for all ages. Children, seniors, and those with reduced mobility might find it difficult to enter and exit a van safely. Unless the van has a lowered floor, the drop from the van to the ground can be jolting if there is a misstep.

Van running boards provide an intermediate step that helps to ensure smooth entry and exit from the van for anyone who needs to be cautious about stepping onto different levels. Many seniors and, of course, the disabled, have problems with balance, and lifting one foot while standing on the other can be precarious. Running boards cut the distance between ground and van floor so there is less chance of an off-balance fall.

Attractive Van Running Boards

Running boards come in several different configurations; perhaps the best if safety is an important factor is the lighted van running boards. With a lighted surface all along the lower side of the van, passengers can easily see where to step. All boards attach with mounting brackets, and are usually sold with just the primer so the purchaser can paint to match the van.

Running boards also come in unlighted sets that are also fiberglass, but there are high-impact plastic sets available for many models of vans and trucks. Running boards are one of the most popular conversion van accessories because they add to the safety of the van, but also because they add to the tricked-out appearance. A van loaded with accessories catches the eye and becomes just that more valuable in the estimation of onlookers.

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