Vans For The Handicapped

Written by Sierra Rein
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Most people living today can not comprehend the freedom that comes with the existence of vans for the handicapped. Before vehicles were equipped with lifts and customized steering controls, people in wheelchairs or those reliant on scooters had to ask friends and family members to drive them around town. Parents had to stay home and ask others to drive their children to school, while others yearned to become employed and become an active member of society.

Once car designers understood the need for vans for the handicapped, an explosion of lifts, ramps, wheel steering controls and hand brakes began to become available. However, these vans were usually only meant for affluent families and others who could afford these special pieces of equipment. It was not until local and state laws began offering funding and financing options for the disabled that people on lower economic levels of the scale could afford their own conversion vans.

There are many different types of vans for the handicapped, from mini-sized ones to full passenger ones fully equipped to handle multiple wheelchairs, walkers and luggage. A mid-range include full-sized vans for families and independent business people. The most basic van includes a one or two-door entry point (either in the back or to the side of the van), room behind the driver's seat for the chair, and powered seats to enable entry and exits.

Specialized Vans For the Handicapped Simply Make Life Easier

Current technologies offer a wide range of options to choose from, allowing persons with disabilities to create their own custom-designed vans according to their needs. For example, sometimes disabled people will work directly with the dealer to install options like vacuum-assisted hand brakes and recondition used vans to include lower floors and higher head room. Another consideration may occur if there is a child involved, as proper restraints for smaller wheelchairs must then be taken into account.

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