Westin Brush Guards

Written by Benjamin Messmer
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Westin brush guards are top-level enhancements for your truck or SUV. Sure, they're functional when you're going off-road through whatever brush your farm, wilderness trail, or job site throws your way, but Westin brush guards are also long-lasting and give your truck a tough look. Big trucks are meant to tackle challenging situations and a great brush guard says that you're up to the task.

The Westin Brush Guards Difference

Westin has put countless hours into making brush guards that work perfectly with whatever type of truck or SUV you own. They design their Westin brush guards so that there are no metal-to-metal contacts that could affect your paint job and lead to rust. How do they do this? They design in rubber extrusions and coupling rings to enhance your peace-of-mind.

Westin designs all go through extensive engineering testing, then are approved only after their crew of demanding employees give the product the once over. The result is a range of truck accessories with unparalleled function and quality. Westin brush guards have been manufactured in St. James, Minnesota since the late 1970s, and now they have a factory in California as well.

Super Duty truck owners have vehicles that will take them into territory where other trucks and cars can't go. You want the best equipment for your journeys. Whether you're about to carve through the snowy backroads of the north and Canada, the twisting switchbacks of the high Sierras, the forests of the southern states, or the open fields of the Midwest, Westin will help protect your rig.

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