Wheel Chair Lift Van Rentals

Written by Norene Anderson
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Wheel chair lift van rentals are a great way to determine the best type of van for your special needs. Van rentals can be by the day, week, or month. Most rental agencies offer pick up and delivery. If you need to make a trip to a medical appointment, renting a van with a wheelchair lift can make it much easier than transferring from a wheelchair to the car seat. You must have a place to store the wheelchair during transit. Many vehicles have such limited space that it is difficult to carry a wheelchair along.

Wheel chair lift van rentals can allow you to attend a sporting event or take a dream vacation. The mobility offered by conversion vans will make a big difference in the lives of many handicapped individuals. Handicapped accessible buildings open a world of opportunity for anyone confined to a wheelchair. Having the right transportation is vital to the ability to frequent the places of business and recreation.

Try Wheel Chair Lift Van Rentals before Buying

Wheel chair lift van rentals offer an opportunity to try out several different types of lift systems and van models. This is a good idea before purchasing a conversion van. Make sure you are getting one that is going to work best for you. Decide if you prefer a raised roof or a lowered floor design. Either will give the necessary head room for wheelchair confinement. Also, check out the difference in side entry versus rear entry.

Safety is an important issue for the van and type of lift system. The surface of the lift should be non-skid with roll protection. Some lifts are designed to hold more weight than other lifts. If weight is an issue, be sure to check the manufacturer's guidelines to have an adequate maximum limit. The platform size can vary to accommodate oversized wheelchairs.

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