Wheel Chair Lift Vans

Written by Norene Anderson
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Wheel chair lift vans are designed to make possible unlimited access to travel and independence. The lift can be mounted on the sliding side door entrance or as a rear-entry mount. The mobility afforded by the use of lifts makes it possible to enjoy a trip to the beach or a picnic in the park. It is no longer necessary for a companion to lift and tug to get a physically challenged individual into a car or van.

The popularity of wheel chair lift vans is spreading. More companies are offering specials on rentals and used vans. The access for travel opens the opportunity to secure employment without the need for a caregiver to attend. The lift can be remotely controlled. Once inside the van, it is possible to have a transfer seat for easy transition from the wheelchair to the driver's seat.

Find Wheel Chair Lift Vans for Sale or Rent

Adaptive mobility equipment makes it possible for almost anyone with a disability to be able to drive independently. Without wheel chair lift vans, the possibilities would be very limited. The lifts are designed to conveniently store without obstructing the view out the side or rear window. Some store against the wall and others store on the floor.

Vans can be as luxurious as desired, and the lift will complement the interior design. It is possible to have the convenience and still have room in the van for additional passengers. Many prefer a lift rather than a ramp because of the limited amount of space it requires for exiting and entry into the van. Before renting or buying a van with a wheel chair lift, check out the weight limit.

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