Wheel Chair Lift Vans For Sale

Written by Norene Anderson
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Wheel chair lift vans for sale include both new and used models. The lift can be installed on most full-size vans and on many minivans. The choice of side door or rear door entry is available. Remote control and switch stations offer easy access and independence. Some of the wheelchair lifts are designed to fit standard vans allowing garage entry.

There is a lift used in wheel chair lift vans for sale that will hold up to 800 pounds. The platform can be as long as 56 inches. Some lifts are fully automatic while others are available as semi-automatic and require an attendant. All platforms are non-skid and have an automatic roll stop for safety during lift.

Wheel Chair Lift Vans for Sale Online

A wheel chair lift can be mounted inside the van and stored against the inside wall of the doorway, or it can be mounted outside the vehicle on the frame underneath. The outside mount leaves more interior space and visibility. Other types of mounts in wheel chair lift vans for sale include a swing mount. This takes up less space for entry and exit making it easier to find convenient parking.

Wheelchair vans make it possible for customers to travel whenever and wherever they choose. The freedom to go shopping, take a vacation, or go to work is possible for the physically challenged. Independence is an option with the convenient use of automated wheelchair lifts. Financing for a special needs van is often granted for up to 10 years.

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