Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Written by Sierra Rein
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Before wheelchair accessible vans were introduced to the public, handicapped people were often secluded and kept to themselves at home. They were very dependent on able-bodied friends and family members to help them into car seats and could never drive themselves on their own. Employment rates and school enrollment percentages amongst people of disabilities were extremely low due to this dependence.

However, during the 1970s market and technological advancements began to allow car manufacturers to design vehicles specifically for the disabled. Individuals with seemingly debilitating wounds and illnesses began to experience complete mobility for the first time. Jobs could be kept, classes could be taken, and those who felt apart from society in general chose to take control of their lives.

Wheelchair accessible vans are designed to allow disabled persons to act as either passengers or drivers. Special controls in the driver's seat area can be installed to give wheelchair-bound people the ability to drive themselves and their friends from place to place. Even brakes and gas pedals can be placed into the steering wheel area for hand controlled movements, while floor rails can secure the wheelchair itself into place.

The Cost of Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Because of their specialized nature, many manufacturers choose to price wheelchair accessible vans extremely high. However, there are many different financing options as well as financial aid available to many qualified persons with disabilities. Some of the best van sales companies work with state and federal aid departments to come up with cost-effective and affordable prices for their clients.

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