Wheelchair Lifts For Vehicles

Written by Sierra Rein
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Perhaps the most important element of accessible vans are the inclusion of wheelchair lifts for vehicles. These sturdy yet light mechanisms are the main mode by which persons with disabilities can get into and out of their vans. They are easy to control, relatively light and should give their owners no hassles whatsoever.

Wheelchair lifts for vehicles are designed in many different styles, from simple retractable ramps to incredibly powerful hydraulic elevators which can raise up to 600 pounds at a time. Major brands include Braun (makers of the Braun Vangator and Vangator II models) and Ricon Lifts. These can be installed into all major wheelchair-accessible vans, including those made by Daimler Chrysler, Ford and Dodge.

Some of the best wheelchair lifts for vehicles can be remotely controlled, even from outside the van. A push of a button is all one needs to open doors, raise and lower the lift, and fold it neatly into place for a long drive. They can also be manually opened and closed in any case of emergency or power failure.

Custom Installing Wheelchair Lifts for Vehicles

For those who are interested in custom refitting a new or previously used accessible van, sometimes retrofitting it with a new lift will add years to the vehicle's life. Wheelchair lifts for vehicles can be swapped in and out by a professional re-conditioner for a minimal amount of labor costs. By doing so, a van owner does not have to purchase a completely new vehicle, saving himself both time and money.

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