Wheelchair Ramp Vehicles

Written by Sierra Rein
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Wheelchair ramp vehicles are basically low-riding vans and cars which are capable of handling simple ramps. These ramps travel from the base of the van entrance to ground level and are strong enough to handle the weight associated with most wheelchairs and scooters. The ramps can be attached to either the back or side of the vehicle, depending on the placement of the doors.

The most common wheelchair ramp vehicles are mini-vans, as they are easily compact and lower to the ground. Some of these mini-vans are equipped with powered electronic ramps which slide out from under the floorboards to rest on the ground with ease. A push of a button on the inside console, and the ramp retracts into the vehicle discreetly and quietly.

Other ramps can fold up into the door-frame of the van. These can be less costly but still incredibly effective for any number of different wheelchair designs. No matter what style of ramp you choose, it can be installed directly into the van of your choice.

Customized Wheelchair Ramp Vehicles Save Money!

Oftentimes, people with disabilities will want to custom retrofit their choice of wheelchair ramp vehicles. With all the variety out there, it is quite easy to shop around and ask a professional reconditioning shop to place whatever ramp option one wants into whatever type van or vehicle one wishes. In this manner, an individual's physical needs can be matched with his or her own personal taste and financial limitations.

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