Wheelchair Van Conversions

Written by Sierra Rein
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When wheelchair van conversions were introduced into the market, elderly and handicapped people felt a bit out of the picture when it came to mobility. Their range of travel, apart from extremely rare cases when they were lifted into passenger cars, was limited to how far and fast they could move on their wheelchairs. However, as car companies began to develop conversion vans capable of transporting wheelchairs, these same people started to look forward to their own freedom of driving almost wherever, and whenever they wanted to.

Most wheelchair van conversions are pre-manufactured to fit the latest technological advancements in wheelchair accessibility. They can be fitted with either powered side or rear lifts that can be controlled by either inside or outside remote controls. With lowered floors and fully operational hand brakes and gas controls, these vans are meant to house a variety of different sized wheelchairs and a number of different styles of driving mobility.

Some people enjoy custom building their own van. Many companies that specialize in wheelchair van
conversions also handle individual requests, custom luxury additions, and color designs. A few simple consultations may be all that is needed to order and begin the building process.

Buying Used Wheelchair Van Conversions

If a new accessible van is too expensive for you, you may wish to purchase a used van conversion instead. Because used wheelchair van conversions are durable and made to withstand heavy loads, they do not lose a lot of power and reliability, even after a number of years. Another option is to purchase a used van and custom equip it with the latest powered technology, a move that saves a huge amount of money in the long run.

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