Wheelchair Vans

Written by Sierra Rein
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Wheelchair vans are perhaps the most popular mode of transportation for persons with disabilities. They can either be mini-sized or full-sized, and can seat wheelchair users in the driver's seat, passenger's seat, or both. With current technologies, these vans are efficient, safe, and often extremely luxurious.

To get into wheelchair vans, powered lifts take the chair from the ground level to the floor level (which is usually lowered to accomplish this). These lifts can be placed either at the back end of the van, or to the side through special double doors. Larger wheelchair vans can incorporate up to 60 inches of headroom and a vast, roomy interior.

Many people who struggle with personal transportation have learned how to drive these specialized vans. Oftentimes, they must go to a professional evaluator who understands how to judge the abilities and limitations associated with debilitating wounds and sicknesses. He or she, through careful testing and consultations, will determine whether or not the person is physically able to drive, what type of driving controls he'll need, and help set up driving lessons.

Purchasing Wheelchair Vans for the Home or Office

There are many sources to go to when shopping for a handicap accessible van, from car dealerships to online Internet shopping sites. When looking through all the vans available to you, make sure you purchase from someone who will be very specific to your needs and can handle any financial funding issues you are entitled to. If you are purchasing for business needs, check with your state and local departments regarding consumer safety laws and regulations.

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