Wheelchair Vans

Written by Norene Anderson
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Wheelchair vans are available for purchase or for rent. Vans come in both full size and minivans, with your choice of a lift or a ramp for ease of entry. To accommodate the extra height needed, there is a choice of a lowered floor or a raised roof. Four-point tie downs for the wheelchair offer security and stability during travel.

Some wheelchair vans are equipped with hand controls for the driver confined to a wheelchair. Transfer seats are available if desired. Automatic lifts and ramps with power side doors make entry simply a matter of touching the remote control. Vans can be designed to facilitate one or two wheelchairs or scooters. All of the comfort and luxury available in the best of vans is possible in a van converted for wheelchair use.

Use of Wheelchair Vans

Activities are possible today that were unheard of in years past. The difficulty for handicapped individuals getting in and out of cars was a deterrent to many. With the convenience of wheelchair vans, anyone can go anywhere with ease and in comfort. You can take a trip to the mountains and find yourself enjoying the scenery without depending on someone to get you in and out of a vehicle. With motorized wheelchairs and scooters, there is very little the physically challenged cannot do.

Almost every make and model of van can be made wheelchair accessible. If you have a van and would like to have it converted to a wheelchair van, check with a reputable company known for doing handicapped conversions. You may be better off trading in your van for one that is already designed to your requirements.

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