Wheelchair Vehicle Conversions

Written by Sierra Rein
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Wheelchair vehicle conversions are basically vans, trucks and passenger cars that have been modified to handle the weight and shape of a wheelchair. Professional business wheelchair conversions are usually built to handle chair-bound passengers. However, most privately owned handicap vehicles are designed to allow the wheelchair user to drive himself around town.

A large number of wheelchair vehicle conversions are based off of the design of normal passenger vans and trucks. This is because these types of vehicles are roomy enough and strong enough to handle the modifications necessary to allow handicapped individuals to use them. Such modifications
may include adding an electronically powered lift, hand brake and gas controls on the steering wheel and mechanisms to lock the wheelchair into the driver and passenger areas.

Shopping for Wheelchair Vehicle Conversions

Before signing any dotted line, it is vital that the right information regarding the nature and physical mobility of one's disability be collected. This must be done by a professionally licensed evaluator who is trained in accessing what type of vehicle to purchase and what modifications need to be added. This person will notate one's physical and mental capabilities, the size and shape of the wheelchair and any other special driving education lessons that need to be arranged.

This professional evaluation can become one's guide when choosing between wheelchair vehicle conversions. It will also help to figure out what modifications to a current vehicle need to be taken care of. Lastly, if there are wheelchair passengers who will be transported in one's future van, make sure it is fitted with the safest tie-down mechanics to properly install the seat into the passenger area.

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