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    Get Rid Of Blackheads

    Most people want to get rid of blackheads, which is actually a relatively difficult process that requires consistent attention. Blackheads call attention to pores, making them look larger and filled with a dark substance. Generally blackheads accompany oily skin, and are worst in the T-zone: the forehead, the nose, and the chin.

    Your hormones control the amount of a substance called sebum (essentially an oil) which, in proper quantity, come out through your pores and make a light protective layer over your skin, which is quite good for it. If you produce too much sebum, however, it can build up in your pores. Then, if you use skin products or make-up, those can stick to the sebum in open pores, and an oxidation reaction takes place which causes the resultant substance to turn black. If you feel like saying "Yuck!" you're not alone.

    How to Get Rid of Blackheads

    So how do you get rid of blackheads? There are four basic steps. First, you need to use a gentle cleanser that dissolves easily in water; bars of soap are terrible for blackheads because the same thing that holds a bar of soap together makes it a candidate for sticking to the sebum in your pores. Then, in addition to gentle cleansing, you may need to use a gentle exfoliant to clean out the inside of your pores.

    After your skin is clean, to get rid of blackheads you have to control your oiliness problem. This will require some research into the skin care product which is best for you, as many companies make very different oil-controlling facial products. Lastly, you may consider seeing a doctor about getting a form of medication which will control the hormones at the root of the issue.