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    Family Reunion T-shirts

    When you really want to bring the family together again, use family reunion t-shirts. These will spice up any reunion, and are certain to bring hearty laughs. In addition, they will serve as a memento that will (hopefully) bring back fond memories every time the shirt is worn. If your family is Scottish or Irish, you might want to think about having the clan's logo printed on the shirts.

    The design of your shirts will depend on how big your extended family is and the specific interests of everyone involved. If the family is fairly large, have different family reunion t-shirts for each immediate family. You can make them different colors or go all out and print different logos on each. If one of the parents is a lawyer, print his or her last name with a gavel on the shirt. If someone is an artist, print a paintbrush and paint can.

    This dividing up of the shirts among family members serves several purposes. The first is that it leads to less confusion. Let's say there are over 100 people there. By scanning the family reunion t-shirts, you can keep straight which kids belong to which parents. In addition, you won't have to stand around with your immediate friends and family members saying things like, "Now, Dan is the lawyer, right? Or is it Mark?" The shirts will tell you.

    Wearing Family Reunion T-Shirts

    If you are just going to go with one look for everyone and can't decide on a logo, have family members fax you ideas or send them over the Internet. Make it into a fun contest--perhaps one that only the children are allowed to enter. Moreover, make sure everyone sends you his or her size so you can order just what you need.