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    Waist Cinches

    Waist cinches are structured garments with built-in support details that act much like corsets. The main difference between the two is that waist cinches climb to just below the breasts, while corsets cover the bosom. Both corsets and waist cinches, however, typically stretch down to the hip area. Both can also utilize lace-up closures, Velcro closures, or a combination of the two.

    Waist cinches are very specific in their focus: to minimize the waistline. This has the effect of accentuating the fullness of the hip and bosom areas for a very feminine and seductive shape. In fact, solely through the use of a well-designed waist cinch, the wearer can significantly alter his or her body shape.

    Choosing Waist Cinches

    To achieve desired the slimming effect, waist cinches are often constructed of a combination of synthetic stretch and support materials, such as nylon and Lycra spandex. Stretch materials serve to maintain firm support, while at the same time flexing to allow the body breathing room. Without this flexibility, the garment would be merely confining and uncomfortable.

    Adding to the element of support is the garment's overall design and stitching patterns. For example, waist cinches are designed with strong vertical lines for slimming action. Criss-cross stitching reinforcements can also contribute to the garment's support strength. Flexible boning material may also be added to give the cinch extra strength in maintaining its shape. Finally, attached garter straps on the bottom not only help hold up stockings firmly, but also aid in anchoring the cinch itself.