Big And Tall Belts

Written by Adam Blau
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For so many reasons, belts are an integral part of a man's wardrobe. Of course, what belts do best is keep up one's trousers. Beyond that, though, belts also serve as accessories that can accent other parts of a man's outfit and provide it with an extra degree of personality or sophistication. Both in the style and color of the band and buckle, a man can show his unique personality, whimsicality and fashion sense with his belt.

Belts for Big and Tall Men

For big and tall men, belts are of the utmost importance. Practically speaking, king-size pants are often baggy at the top, allowing for some degree of elasticity and give for the wearer. While this elasticity aids in the comfort and snugness of the pants, it can also create a situation in which the pants ride down a bit. With the aid of a belt, larger men can assure themselves of proper pants placement.

Aesthetically speaking, belts can provide a wonderful way to divide an outfit into distinct pieces. Particularly for big and tall men, it can be difficult to get an ensemble to seem like a cohesive whole. If a shirt goes right into a pair of pants, it can seem somewhat jarring from a fashion sense. A belt can give an entire ensemble shape and definition, allowing the big or tall man to look his best, well-put-together self.

Decorative belt buckles, too, can add to a gentleman's sense of style. By accessorizing with a slick buckle, a man can either draw attention to or away from a particular area of his body. For big and tall men, these types of accoutrements can make or break an outfit. Belt buckles also allow a man to get across a sense of humor; try looking for a buckle that depicts your favorite team or logo.

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