Bridesmaid Dresses

Written by Tara Peris
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Choosing bridesmaids' dresses is notoriously difficult. Depending on the size of your bridal party, you may have a good many opinions to take into account. Harder still, you may have widely differing budgets and figures to take into consideration as well. It's a tall order, but one that can be navigated smoothly if you employ the right approach.

If you've ever been a bridesmaid, you appreciate the awkward dilemma. To be sure, it is a great honor to be a member of the bridal party, and every woman is eager to support a dear friend as she walks down the aisle. At the same time, the dresses can be hideous. In some cases, the term hideous may seem generous. To make matters worse, you must shell out for a dress you will wear only once.

Skillful Negotiating

It's a tough position to be in, as bridesmaids are more or less at the mercy of the bride. A considerate bride will take this into account. She may not allow her maids to pick their dress colors, but she will often allow them to decide on the style of the dress together. A bit of careful negotiating by all parties involved and it is very possible to emerge with a dress that is agreeable to everyone.

The challenge comes when you attempt to find a dress that everyone likes and that everyone can afford. As your bridesmaids may be at very different stages of life and may have very different financial standings, it is only fair to exercise some consideration when making your choice. Do your best to consult discount dress retailers and to search for the most reasonable rates on the gown you choose.

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