Wedding Bubbles

Written by Tara Peris
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Wedding bubbles provide a safe, environmentally friendly way to shower a newlywed couple in well wishes. Their fun, festive quality is hard to match, and their price tag is equally appealing. However, not all wedding bubbles are the same and it is worth considering some of the many ways they can be personalized to fit your occasion.

Even those working on a shoestring budget will be pleased to find an impressive array of bubble offerings. There are numerous ways to customize these tiny plastic bottles, and it doesn't cost much to have them inscribed with your names and wedding date. Alternatively, it's also relatively easy to buy the bottles and decorate them yourself, provided you have the time and artistic inclination.

Creative Approaches to Personalized Bubbles

Inscriptions are just the tip of the iceberg, however, and those who really want to have some fun will look into more sophisticated selections. Wedding bubbles come in a variety of scents, including the soothing aromas of lavender, vanilla, and jasmine. They can be specially blended to your specifications and, as always, are non-staining.

The bubble bottles can also be ordered in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some traditional favorites include wedding cakes, champagne flutes, and flower bouquets, although it is possible to find them in virtually any form. Look online for a distributor who specializes in this type of merchandise and peruse the fantastic offerings for yourself. You are bound to come up with novel ideas to add a touch of whimsy to your big day.

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Brilliant photos Elaine looks aaizmng in them and they reflect what a great day Scott and Elaine had !! Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great day too !! Can't wait to see the finished albums !!! Think the photos managed to capture the feel of the day and Scott and Elaines love for each other !!