Wedding Decorations

Written by Tara Peris
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The right wedding decorations add panache and distinction to your wedding day. Whether you have very specific ideas about the ambiance you'd like to create or simply seek a warm, inviting, and memorable atmosphere, proper decorations are key. Allow your personal taste, budget, and wedding setting to guide your decisions and you are bound to create a wonderful event.

The first thing to consider when deciding on wedding decorations is the mood you'd like to create. You may have a clear idea in mind, complete with wedding theme and specific motifs. Alternatively, you may have only a general sense that you would like something cozy and intimate or regal and grand. Take some time to jot down your initial thoughts and let them be your guidepost as you make future decisions.

Some First Steps

Once you have a general sense of the atmosphere you envision, you should start to think about your budget. This can be tricky as little costs can add up quickly to create a hefty bill. Many decorators suggest choosing a few simple ideas that really give you bang for your buck rather than placing decorations in every conceivable location.

Whereas your budget will be the primary determinant of how many decorations you can afford, your wedding setting will play a role in determining what kinds of things you buy. It helps to take pictures of the wedding site and to keep them nearby as you brainstorm for ideas. This will allow you to think realistically about which styles, colors, and arrangements will work best with your location.

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