Wedding Gown Search

Written by Tara Peris
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For many women, a wedding gown search is equal parts excitement and agony. Although the fun of trying on gowns and envisioning different wedding day ensembles is easy to appreciate, anxiety typically sets in after a while. More often than not, this anxiety is linked to one of two things: finding a flattering dress and finding a way to pay for it.

The task of finding a flattering gown is tough because most women form their opinions based on pictures they see in magazines. Although these pictures certainly speak to a broader aesthetic that can be pursued when shopping for a gown, they are often misleading because the models have figures so rarely observed in real life. Thus, women are disappointed easily when real life falls short of their expectations.

A Balanced Approach

A better way to do things is to skim the magazines, but keep an open mind. Sometimes a dress that looks terrible on a hanger will look fantastic on the right woman. As much as you think you know your figure and your tastes, try to remember that wedding gowns are unique territory and trial and error is par for the course.

In addition, keep in mind that many discount gown distributors have the best selections. This is true for all women, but especially for those working on a tight budget. You don't do yourself any favors if you fall in love with a dress you can't afford, so be realistic about your budget at the outset and then seek out retailers accordingly.

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