Wedding Place Card Holders

Written by Tara Peris
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Wedding place card holders are an ideal way to carry a motif throughout all areas of the reception site. Whether you seek a seasonal theme, a regional motif, or simply an elegant and understated affair, you'll want to attend to the smaller details that bring the event together. Place card holders, wedding favors, and other small items are central to creating a cohesive reception atmosphere.

As with so many wedding accessories, the variety of place card holders is impressive. Who would have thought that there could be so many variations on such a simple theme? From wedding dresses and wine glasses to getaway cars and gift bags, there are countless ways to show your guests to their tables and help them to identify their seats.

A Welcome Reception

You've put a good deal of effort into determining where each guest will sit. It makes sense to put equal effort into making sure they feel warmly received once they are seated. Thoughtful place settings go a long way toward creating a cozy atmosphere, and place cards are among the first things your guests will notice when they sit. They are a small detail, but one that is worth the effort to attend to carefully.

Make everyone feel at home by choosing card holders that capture the spirit of the occasion. They need not be quirky or offbeat; traditional favorites work well too, as long as they are chosen with care. Think about how your tables will be arranged and choose card holders that will complement and enhance the setting.

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