Attack Fat

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Fat is attacked most effectively using a variety of methods. The mistake millions of people make is relying on a "quick fix" solution rather than fundamentally changing their habits that caused the fat problem in the first place. People are vulnerable to the promises of the latest exercise contraption offered on TV for four easy payments of $19.99. The manufacturers of these gimmicks, looking to get rich off the public's desperation, offer promises they can't keep to millions of people who want to lose weight, but who have yet to do it successfully.

The only real way to attack fat is to do it the old fashioned way: diet, exercise, and good overall health habits. By "diet," I don't mean one of those crazy crash diets, or the latest fad diet. I simply mean a sensible diet, one that you've probably already heard of before: heavy on fresh fruits and vegetables, rather than canned; whole grains over white bread and rice; raw foods over processed foods; honey over sugar; and absolutely no junk food.

More Ways to Attack Fat

This kind of diet emphasizes quality rather than quantity. The goal isn't to starve yourself, but rather to eat as you normally do, until you're full. Generally, any diet that relies on deprivation is not a reputable or safe one. Exercise is the second half of your fat-attacking regimen. Kick your metabolism into gear by engaging in regular exercise at least three times per week. Studies have found that regularity is more important than the duration of exercise, so walking briskly four times a week for half an hour is not only more fun, but more effective than running yourself ragged at the gym twice a week. With your new, boosted metabolism, you'll be burning fat a lot more effectively, and enjoying your meals more than ever.

This answer of "diet and exercise" bores the heck out of people who are suckers for the quick fixes, but I assure you, if it works--and it does--then what can be boring about that? There is nothing boring about a healthy lifestyle that truly nourishes your body, rather than punishing and exhausting it. There is nothing boring about knowing exactly what makes you look and feel good, and what makes you look and feel bad--and having the control over these things. It's exhilarating!

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