Cellulite Lotions

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Cellulite lotions vary in their results, depending on the brand, formula, and even the user. Some users (which happen to be mostly women, although some men also use cellulite lotions) report a 90 percent reduction in their bumpy, cellulite-troubled areas. Others claim a temporary change in the texture of the area only for as long as the cream or gel is on the skin; once washed off, the skin goes back to its original appearance.

It's a fact, though, that at this point in time, no cellulite lotion can get rid of cellulite permanently. Be skeptical of products that claim this power. The fact is that cellulite has no known cure. It is not directly related to obesity, but rather genetics and hormonal conditions. Women overwhelmingly suffer from cellulite rather than men because of the way that their subcutaneous fat cells are constructed, lending themselves to dimpling and stretching of the fibers that bind fat cells to the skin.

How Cellulite Lotions Work

What cellulite lotions can do is to temporarily shrink bloated fat cells in cellulite-plagued areas. They do this through dehydration, usually through natural active ingredients such as caffeine, retinol, or alpha-hydroxy acids. This dehydration has no ill side effects on the rest of the body and is known to be safe. However, it is only a temporary change, and the cellulite eventually returns to its previous state if applications aren't continually repeated.

For many women, having to apply cellulite-fighting lotions on a regular basis is a small price to pay for the resultant smoothness they enjoy. Besides, many report other benefits from these lotions, such as softer skin and even the clearing up of chronic skin problems such as eczema. However, each person is different, with not only a different reaction to cellulite treatments, but also a different threshold for cost and effort.

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