Kukui Nut Oil

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Kukui nut oil is a natural, light yellow or amber colored oil. It comes from the tropical Kukui tree, which grows in the state of Hawaii. The oil is expeller pressed from the nut to yield oil in its finest, purest state. This is important where the skin is concerned, for the human complexion can react to poor quality ingredients with allergies or other kinds of flare-ups.

Kukui nut oil is known for its excellent ability to penetrate skin layers. Thus it is lauded for its effectiveness in soothing dry skin, as well as its deep healing value. It is often used in relieving the painful itching of more serious skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema. It is also an ingredient in today's anti-cellulite creams.

More about Kukui Nut Oil

Except for rare cases of allergic individuals, kukui nut oil has no ill effects on the skin or overall health. Rather, after many generations of use by Hawaii islanders, it is valued for precisely its reputation as a healthy, natural alternative to the chemically-manufactured skin lotions on the market today. Another attraction of kukui oil is its lack of greasiness. It is absorbed right into the skin and doesn't linger on the surface to stain clothes or other objects.

Because of the fact that Kukui nut oil is a natural oil and contains no chemical preservatives, it only has a shelf life of about six to eight months. After that, it can become rancid and should be replaced. To preserve the quality of your kukui nut oil, you should keep it out of direct sunlight and avoid exposing it to high temperatures. People who live in hot, sunny climates often safeguard against spoilage by storing their natural oils in the refrigerator.

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