Moisturizing Body Lotions

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Moisturizing body lotions today do much more than just hydrate the skin. Depending on the type of lotion, they also exfoliate (remove dead skin cells), create the effect of a sun tan, even out skin tone, tighten sagging skin, and even smooth cellulite. These attributes are the result of years of diligent study and experimentation with different formulas to yield safe, effective and affordable treatments for the most common skin care complaints.

For instance, tanning lotions of the past? Not only did they turn the skin orange, but they also were loaded with toxic chemicals. Today, however, organic botanical formulas have been developed that deliver a healthy bronze glow to the skin without introducing harmful chemicals to the skin's surface. Some of the heavier moisturizing creams, such as body "butters," are made to deeply penetrate the skin's surface to hydrate areas with even severe dryness, such as rough, chapped elbows.

More about Moisturizing Body Lotions

Other moisturizing body lotions have been developed with rejuvenation in mind. When applied to the skin, these lotions have the effect of not only moisturizing, but also tightening the skin to create a more supple and youthful appearance. Sagging skin can respond beautifully to some of the latest firming creams on the market, with a discernible difference before and after application.

Anti-cellulite creams work along the same principles as firming creams. Though they cannot get rid of existing cellulite or prevent further cellulite from developing, they can indeed tighten pockmarked, uneven skin tone to yield a smoother appearance. However, sometimes these creams require several applications before their effects are noticeable. They must also be reapplied as long as you wish the effect to last.

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